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Marc-Aurèle Rivière

Data Scientist & Cognitive Neuroscientist
Perception, Spatial Cognition, Augmented Reality, and Human-Machine Interfaces
Proficient R programmer | Decent software developper
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R & Shiny Developer
Data Champ’

I’m a recovering academic who worked on several research projects at the intersection between Cognitive Neurosciences and Biomedical Engineering. Those projects aimed to develop and evaluate wearable assistive devices for Visually Impaired People (VIP), providing them with a non-visual experience of their surroundings through the use of Computer Vision and Augmented Reality, within the Sensory Substitution framework.

I have since retrained as a Data Scientist with a fondness for statistical modeling (especially of the Bayesian sort), and an unhealthy obsession with the R ecosystem and its community. I also dabble in more generic programming languages such as Java, C# (Unity), and Javascript.

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